A Sneak Peek at Hardy Ice Plant

Heidi’s Sneak Peak – Delosperma, Hardy Ice Plant

This unique perennial covers ground with a mat of succulent, bright green, needle-like leaves that become the perfect background for a vibrant carpet of brightly colored daisy style flowers in summer.  Zone 4 hardy varieties like ‘Table Mountain’, ‘Lavender Ice’ and ‘Red Mountain’ are fun and eclectic additions to perennial gardens with well-drained soil, and are excellent performers in rock gardens.  Less hardy varieties like ‘Fire Spinner ™’ and cooperi fill out readily and make awesome low maintenance annuals here in Minnesota.  So perfect in terracotta pots on patio tables and planters, or out on a sunny deck where things dry down quickly.  Many mistake them for sedums before they start blooming.  Then, once the flowers begin to open, I have people asking me if they’re real.  The colors are so vibrant and the blossoms are so perfect I can understand why they ask.  Here are the varieties we will have available for the 2013 growing season:

Delosperma dyeri ‘Red Mountain’     Produces glowing burnished-red flowers.   2-3” Tall x 12-24” Wide, Zone 4-8

Delosperma ‘Lavender Ice’ is just that  Frosty orchid-lavender flowers.  2-3” Tall x 12-24” Wide, Zone 4-8

Delosperma ‘Table Mountain  Bright fuchsia flowers  2-3” Tall x 12-24” Wide, Zone 4-8  

Delosperma cooperi   Blooms fluorescent pink.  4-6” Tall x 12-24” Wide     Zone 6-9

Delosperma ‘P001S’, Fire Spinner ™’ Petals start white in the center and graduate from fuchsia to red to bright orange on the ends.  2-3” Tall x 12-24” Wide, Zone 5-8

Photos courtesy Garden World and Walters Gardens.

Here’s the dirt on Delosperma…

Delosperma thrive in full sun, and well-drained, gravely or average soils.  They are deer resistant and drought tolerant once established.  These succulent groundcovers range in height from 2-6” and spread to about 12-24” wide.  Enjoy their low water needs!



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  1. Could you tell me please what B&B trees you have right now? I’m looking for larger trees 3″ caliper and up.

  2. We have a very nice assortment of B&B from 2012 and we will be digging 500+ now in April. Please give us a call and we can discuss it with you!

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