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Landscape Design Packages

Knecht’s Nurseries & Landscaping’s design team will work with you to create a landscape design package that is within your budget and time schedule.  We will work with you to turn your landscape into the beautiful, functional and comfortable outdoor living space you’ve always dreamed of enjoying.   The following are our most popular design packages. We can customize any of our design packages to fit your needs.

Landscape Site Visit Consultation

A $75 fee is charged for most initial site visits and/or consultations.  During this Site Visit, you will spend up to an hour with an experienced and certified professional who will evaluate your wants and needs, and give you ideas on how to implement them in your landscape.  You will be given an Information Packet about plant material and how to care for your landscape.   For visits under ½ hour, a charge of $40 is applicable.


Landscape Design Consultation including Landscape Concept Sketch – Basic Level

Includes the on-site assessment (see above) with solutions for areas of concern, as well as a concept sketch for a selected area of your landscape (not to scale) to use as a general guideline.  The drawing will include recommendations for Minnesota hardy plants, landscape construction information and hardscape ideas.  In addition, you will also receive our Information Packet.  The fee for this package is $99.  You will receive a $20 coupon which you can apply to a cash and carry purchase of $200 or more.

Landscape Design Consultation – Master Landscape Plan

On-site landscape or garden assessment and a fully detailed master landscape plan!   At your initial site visit, a Design Agreement will be discussed based on the scope of work you desire, including a cost estimate.  Landscape Designs are billed at $70 an hour and range from $210-$980.  We offer rebates of this fee of 50% to 100%, depending on how you choose to implement the installation of the design. (see below)   Upon acceptance of the Design Agreement, detailed drawings will be developed and presented in an appropriate scale for your project.  Included will be a specific plant list, construction details, landscape specifications and a maintenance print-out detailing what to do and when to do it for your newly created landscape.   If requested, an estimate and proposal to have your project professionally installed by Knecht’s Nurseries & Landscaping will be prepared along with the landscape design plan.  If you choose to do your own installation, your designer can assist you with obtaining the necessary plants and supplies, and getting them to your site.

 Rebate of the fees for a landscape plan design:

  • For landscape installation customers:

Rebate of 50% of the plan fee for installations under $10,000 – minimum installation of $2,000

             Rebate of 100% of the plan fee for installations over $10,000

  • For cash and carry customers:

$35 discount coupons will be given out that equal 50% of plan fee.  Minimum purchases apply.

 Project Coordination            

  • Installation of your landscape project will be scheduled once you have accepted the Installation Proposal, executed the contract, and the down payment for the project has been received.  The Designer will remain involved in your project throughout the entire planning and installation process.

Landscape Design Consultation with Specialty Areas in Mind

Do you have just a small specific area that needs to be designed or re-done?  An outdoor room makeover?  The initial $75 fee will be charged and the designer will then discuss your ideas with you and suggest to you the next step in the design process.  Price range for designs in this category would range between $140-$280.



  Gardening as Art

By Amy Voight, Landscape Designer

Gardening is truly the most challenging art form, and I believe the most rewarding. The gardener uses a palette that consists of living, growing things, considers the seasons that change the appearance almost daily and creates an experience that engages all of the senses to create a personal masterpiece unique to them.

Get started on your own creative track to think like an artist and create from your own mind. George Bernard Shaw said, “Imitation is not just the sincerest form of flattery – it’s also the sincerest form of learning.”   Using others ideas as an inspiration spring board to awaken your own thoughts brings the individuality for successful art. Our everyday creativity begins with a thought – “If Only…”  This thought, often spontaneous, sets us on a course of planning alternatives to the present reality.

The Art of Garden Design has a palette of endless mediums all combined on a stage of constant change and composed of living things that require specific attention for long term  success.

The Composition: Use paintings, music, travel and experiences as sources for inspiration. Ground Zero- the point of inspiration, the Big Idea creates the starting point to expand from. Let the site speak — what does the land say?  Are there pre-existing conditions?  What should the flow and feel be? Incorporate life —- connecting with the home – its style, its color, its feel.  Incorporate life from people, from your memories such as grandma’s lilac and hobbies & interests.

The Stage: The land form, soil makeup, lighting and other environmental considerations such as wind and water. All these items can be changed and manipulated to a certain point should the designer wish. Working within the natural environment, if possible, creates more of a sense of place.

The Palette: Plants of course are the first major obvious choice. Thousands upon thousands are available to meet almost every requirement imaginable.    Mulches, gravel and other ground coverings carpet the ground, connect elements and create direction. Hardscapes are an endless array of permanent fixtures that are only limited by imagination and availability of necessary material to create the desired outcome.

The purpose of works of art may be used to: communicate ideas, to create a sense of beauty, to explore the nature of perception or for pleasure or to generate strong emotions. The purpose may also seem non-existent.

“All gardening is landscape painting.”  Alexander Pope.

Remember gardening is a continuous process to be enjoyed every step of the way. When you love it, that is what matters most and when you want to change it.  That is when the creative adventure begins.


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