Royal Frost Birch

We had a spruce tree in our yard that had to be replaced so we took it out and decided on a Royal Frost Birch. The birch tree is my favorite deciduous tree and the Royal Frost is an absolutely stunning tree. With the very white bark and the purple leaves – it is awesome. So this morning we had one tree spaded in! Trees can be safely moved in the summer with a little extra precautions. We water each tree with a special solution a day or two ahead of moving that helps the tree to retain moisture. This makes the move a little easier on the tree. As soon as this tree was planted this morning – the tree spade operator was still filling in dirt and I was watering it in.

Our next step for this part of the landscape is to add a few Endless Summer Hydrangeas. Stay tuned!

2 thoughts on “Royal Frost Birch”

  1. I have several BIRCH ‘ROYAL FROST’and their leaves this year are a rich dark green but no crimson or purple color. Any ideas as to why. Do they need iron? or is the acidity off. The have good grow just no color. thanks

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