Princeton Gold Maple

This variation of Norway Maple is a real show stopper.   The eye-popping bright yellow-gold leaves emerge in early spring and add good color in the landscape into mid-summer and again in fall.  Princeton Gold Maple produces a nice oval crown within a few years, and is adaptable to many soil types.  It prefers well drained soils, so you should avoid water logged soils.   Attaining a mature size of 35′-45′ tall, this makes the Princeton Gold Maple a good mid-sized tree.

The perfect way to use the Princeton Gold Maple is an accent plant.  It can get scorching on the edges of the leaves with the hot, direct sun in mid-summer.  Providing filtered light or planting with an eastern or northern exposure would be best.

12 thoughts on “Princeton Gold Maple”

  1. I have one of these and it’s lovely for sure. Great color. However I notice that in mid to late summer the leaves always turn brown, curl up and fall off. It gets very, very sparse at the top. I’ve noticed others in the neighborhood do the same. Do you know the cause of this?

    1. We have noticed that when Princeton Gold Maple are in the first few years of establishing in the landscape or are well established but in soils that are either too dry or too wet for the preference of a Princeton Gold Maple, we see the blemishing of the leaves to a more noticeable extent than is the case when the tree is in good soil, moderately well drained. One other factor that can affect blemishing of the leaves on Princeton Gold Maples is poor air movement in the area where the tree is growing which allows the leaves to stay wet much longer from morning dew and rainfall. Chronically wet leaves can easily lead to some leaf blemishes.

  2. We have a Princeton Maple Tree that for 4 years bloomed beautiful “gold” leaves. This year it bloomed as usual, BUT then the leaves turned “green”.
    Would you have any suggestions or remedies, my wife is VERY disappointed.
    May I request an early respone.

    Thank You……George O’Dacre

    1. In checking with Leif – he said typically when the leaves stay green instead of the yellow color is more of a matter of too much shading – or lack of enough light getting into the tree. Is this possible with your tree?

    1. I do not know of the nurseries in your area. Most nurseries have the capability to special order trees. I would suggest that you contact the one closest to you. Southern Minnesota is a wonderful place to visit – I’d be happy to sell you one!

  3. We live in Moscow Idaho. There is an eye-delighting Norway Princeton Gold Maple in the University Arboretum across the valley. We would very much like to buy one. What is the best time of year to plant it? And what would be the charge to order one from you?
    They are such a unique color!
    Thank you.
    Nancy Sasser

    1. Idaho is probably no different than Minnesota. We plant anytime during the growing season when it comes from a container and when you are able to be there to water. If you head out on a 3 week vacation – you should plant when you return home. The biggest key to summer planting is to give it adequate but not excessive moisture. We do not ship so I would be unable to sell you a Princeton Gold Maple.

    1. Are you looking for information about the color of the foliage or disease and pest issues that can affect them?

    1. Hello, Princeton Gold Maple is a Norway Maple, which are slower growing creating a harder wood.

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