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Hydrangeas are in Bloom

Limelight Hydrangea Tree
Hydrangeas are in bloom all across southern Minnesota with many varieties that are still yet to bloom within the next six weeks! I love hydrangeas for many reasons.  Hydrangeas display large, lush blossoms that last for anywhere from four weeks to twelve … Continue Reading ››

Hydrangea Trees – Gorgeous and Versatile

Very few ornamental trees can match trees form hydrangeas for beautiful blossoms, ability to grow well in part sun or full sun, few disease issues, very long bloom time, compact size, and easy maintenance.  Wholesale nurseries prune hydrangea shrubs into small trees with a single stem, with the first branches at heights varying from 24" … Continue Reading ››

Hydrangea Trees

Even as the dog days of summer are nearing an end, Hydrangea Trees are adding a delightful splash of lush blossoms to the late summer landscape.  These small ornamental trees run from 5 to 10 feet tall, depending on how they are pruned, grow in a wide variety of soils and do well in light … Continue Reading ››