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What’s Doing the Blooming? Ornamental Grasses

'Karl Foerster' Feather Reedgrass
'Karl Foerster' Feather Reedgrass
Ornamental grasses in bloom? Yes indeed! It's easy to forget that the attractive seed heads of the ornamental grasses are the result of flowers! Ornamental grasses add a soft texture and grace to our beds and borders … Continue Reading ››

Evergreen and Semi-Evergreen Perennial Groundcovers

Not every Minnesota winter allows us to appreciate our evergreen and semi-evergreen perennial groundcovers like this one.  Many winters, they spend our dormant months fully blanketed by snow - out of sight and out of mind until the spring thaw.  In spring, they must compete for our attention with the vigorous and vibrant new growth of our herbaceous perennials, … Continue Reading ››