Image of Forsythia in bloom.

The March of Spring!

As spring continues “Marching” in, with the vernal equinox next week, I spend time finalizing my plans for the yard and garden. Having a landscape design or a garden plan, keeps me on track, and prevents my tendency to start multiple projects all at once. The seeds I ordered have arrived.  As I slice open the tape and pull back the box flaps, I can’t help but consider all the potential those seed packets hold.  Despite the recent snow, the grip of winter has loosed these past few weeks.  This makes the waiting that much harder. Pussy willows are out, and the forsythia won’t hold back much longer. The buds on the trees are swelling, letting us know their sap is running.  Flocks of robins have returned, and according to my three-year old, the nuthatches are “acting silly” at the bird feeder. Spring is marching in.  Are you ready?  Here it comes!

Image of Forsythia in bloom.
Forsythia in full bloom

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