A Time to Imagine

As the heavy snowpack begins to disappear with some of the first warm days we’ve had since late December, it’s time to allow your imagination to dream of green grass, fragrant flowers and a more beautiful and functional landscape.  If part or all of the landscape around your home is uninspired, overgrown or poorly arranged, begin now to envision how you’d really like your yard to look and feel.

Think about what you really want before you discourage yourself with budget concerns.  When creating a plan don’t forget to incorporate an inviting outdoor living space , a place to recharge your batteries, and a place for the activities you and your family really enjoy.

Next figure out what actually installing these landscape features will cost you.  If the costs are too high, decide how to implement the changes over a period of several years, to match your cash flows.  If the costs are still too high, decide how you can change some expensive elements of the project to lower priced choices.  By following this sequence, you are likely to still get the majority of the look and feel you envision.

If you feel you aren’t able to design your own landscape, our landscape designer would be able to help you with advice during a site visit consultation or even create a landscape plan for your property.   

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