3 Simple Steps to Help your Trees this Winter


Tree wraps are an essential tool in mitigating winter damage to your trees. They help prevent:

Critter damage– deer, mice, and rabbits looking for food over long, harsh winters can wreak havoc by chewing/rubbing bark and destroying the vascular systems of young trees. Fruit and crabapple trees are especially tasty treats, so be sure to protect them!

Frost cracking– cold nights and harsh winter sun cause temperature fluctuations that can split bark; an injury that compromises plant vigor. Maple, birch, honeylocust, and other trees that produce sap are especially vulnerable.

Apply wraps in fall and take them off in spring and be sure they aren’t digging into the bark. Continue to wrap trees each winter until bark appears hardened and rough instead of smooth.


Make sure your trees go into winter with good hydration! Moisture around the root zone insulates plants and minimizes winter burn and winter die-back. Give new plantings a good drink before the ground freezes to help them wake up vibrant and healthy next spring!


Don’t forget the mulch! A layer of mulch 2-4” thick will insulate roots, suppress weeds, retain moisture, and improve soil quality. Any organic mulch is great- wood chips, leaves, and straw all work well.