Sorghastrum nutans ‘Sioux Blue’ Blue Indian Grass

Photo courtesy of Monrovia

The native grasses are beginning their seasonal transformation and ‘Sioux Blue’ Indian Grass has really caught my eye this year!  Dense, erect clumps of powder blue foliage are gracefully showing off their nut brown flowers and bright yellow pollen pouches.  In a few more weeks the lovely blue leaves will transform this plant again as they turn yellow in autumn.  This disease resistant ornamental grass is a native cultivar of our North American prairies.  Making it an excellent selection for prairie and rain gardens as well as cutting and drying plantings.  Plant it with Rudbeckia and Sedum for a classic summer into fall combination.

Blue Indian Grass is easy to grow! Clumps mature around 6′ tall and 2-3′ wide.  It tolerates a wide range of soils from heavy clay to well drained sandy sites and will grow in any level of soil moisture from dry to constantly moist.  It is deer resistant and sun loving so give it a location where it will get at least 6 hours of direct sun or more a day.