Serviceberries are an Early Spring Delight

Autumn Brilliance Serviceberry

Just as the golden yellow blossoms of the forsythias are fading, the beautiful airy white blossoms of Servicebery trees and shrubs become the stars of our early spring landscapes.  Autumn Brilliance Serviceberry has proven its toughness over many years, and this small tree / large shrub never fails to satisfy my craving for lots of spring flowers, when hundreds cover a nice sized specimen.

Autumn Brilliance Serviceberry is widely available as a single stem smaller tree form, and as a multi-stem that has interesting branch structure.  Choose the form that best fits into your gardens and Autumn Brilliance Servicebery will not fail to be one of the stars of your spring landscape.    The mature size in southern Minnesota is 20 ft. tall by 15 ft. wide, so allow plenty of space.   They can handle full sun or part shade.

For a smaller sized serviceberry shrub, you may want to try Regent Serviceberry which is rated at 4′-6′ tall by 4′-6′ wide.  In addition to producing mounds of spring blossoms, both Autumn Brilliance Serviceberry and Regent Serviceberry produce delicious fruits in June that I love to eat, and which is a favorite of our local wildlife.