Ornamental Grasses

Gimme Grasses!    Add Color and Texture to Your Landscape with Fall Grasses

There’s no denying it, fall is here; but that doesn’t mean that your garden is on its way out. Fall is prime time for grasses to prove their worth in the landscape. They add texture to the garden throughout the season and they’re especially great for providing winter interest after other plantings have faded.

Imagine peering out your window as the soft, feathery plumes of purple flame grass sway gently against the red and orange backdrop of fall. We love this grass not only for the wispy white flowers on top (fun fact: that wispy flower head is called an inflorescence), but also for the gorgeous purple-red foliage that develops in the fall. Flame grass likes evenly moist soil and a sunny spot, though it can tolerate some shade.

Looking for a real textural treat? Northern sea oats grass has sturdy, bamboo-like foliage throughout the summer and fall and boasts showy, drooping panicles that look like oats. With its unique seed heads and lance-shaped foliage, this grass makes an impact in the garden and a charming addition to dried arrangements as well. Northern sea oats doesn’t mind a drought and does well in sun or partial shade. Note that this grass seeds freely, so if you want to control its spread, simply remove seed heads at the end of the season.

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