Fall Sugar Maples

A Dazzling Fall Color and winter Landscape

 A great fall and winter landscape depends upon creating a long lasting riot of color and interest. The best way to achieve this amazing effect is by choosing a diversity of plants that color at different times and maintain some sort of interest throughout the winter season. 

Here’s a quick list of great options for a rich fall and winter landscape.

Yellow, Gold, and Orange Fall Color

Birch show a bright yellow fall color that is hard to miss. When the leaves drop, paper birch keeps on giving with its beautiful bright white bark. Likewise, river birch really showcases its exfoliating cinnamon colored bark in the winter landscape.

Paper birch in fall
Oasis Paper Birch in the fall

Sugar Maples are known for their gorgeous shades of yellow and gold, and some even color up to a brilliant orange. A fall Minnesota landscape can hardly be complete without a sugar maple. Native sugar maples show a spectacular yellow, and Fall Fiesta and Apollo (great for small spaces) both turn a beautiful combination of yellow, orange, and red.  

Fall Sugar Maples
Fall Sugar Maples

Ginkgos show beautiful bright yellow fall color. Their fan shaped leaves are unique all on their own, unlike any other tree we offer. The rough, furrowed bark adds texture all season long.

Autumn Gold Ginkgo in fall
Autumn Gold Ginkgo in fall

Aspens take on a beautiful yellow to orange fall color, complemented even more by their silvery grey bark and slender form.

Aspen in Fall
Big Tooth Aspen fall color

Crimson, Red, and Rust Fall Color

Maples show such a diversity of reds in fall that it can be hard to choose just one. From burgundy to scarlet to bright red, maples deliver. Beautiful layered with yellow and gold. Consider Firefall, Matador, Sienna Glen , and Autumn Blaze.

Autumn Blaze Maple
Autumn Blaze Maple

Red oaks and pin oaks show amazing red and rust colors in fall. Their leaves can hang around for a while, too, adding texture to an otherwise dormant landscape.

Northern Red Oak
Northern Red Oak

Chokeberries, many viburnums, dogwoods, and Quick Fire hydrangea display beautiful fall foliage color. Bonus: many shrubs have dried flower heads and persistent fruit that keep the color going after the leaves have fallen. 

Quick Fire Hydrangea Fall
Quick Fire Hydrangea fall color

Winter Interest

Shrubs like red twig and yellow twig dogwood provide color long after the leaves have fallen. The red and yellow stems add some cheer in the dead of winter and are great for decorating and winter containers.

Red twig Dogwood Winter
Cardinal Red Twig Dogwood in winter

Crabapples with persistent fruit perform double duty- they provide interest in the landscape as well as winter food for birds. When winter is over, crab trees burst onto the scene with beautiful early flowers.

Sugar Tyme Crabapple
Sugar Tyme Ornamental Crabapple

Winterberry’s bright berries are impossible to beat for fall and winter color. The fruit hangs on well into winter, lining the stems of this shrub. Eventually, birds will snack on the berries. 

Winterberries provide long lasting winter color

Trees with persistent leaves can soften the barren feeling of Minnesota winters. Some oaks, ironwood, and musclewood are known to retain their leaves.

Many of our plants are starting to show their peak late-season color, so it’s the perfect time to shop for your fall and winter landscape! Never planted in fall? Read our blog on fall planting for some tips.