A Pleasant Cure for Stir-Crazy

These highly unusual times during which most of us are staying at home to dial down the spread of Coronavirus have resulted in most of us feeling a bit stir-crazy.  For a great many of us a sure fire and pleasant cure for stir crazy is time spent getting our gardens in good shape.

Some cleanup of old leaves and spent perennial tops and some pruning to give shrubs and trees a more pleasing appearance and stronger structure is a great start.  Preparing beds to receive plantings of annual flowers is best left a little longer until soils dry enough to be workable without leaving lots of lumps.

What to do next?   Consider planting some new trees and shrubs.  Wonderful new varieties are available as well as time tested old favorites.  Perhaps some of your shrubery is past its prime and needs to be torn out for a renewal planting.  Or maybe you just want some shrubs you’ve never had before.  Some of you may be victims of the tornadoes of Sept. 2018 and just now getting broken and battered trees removed or cleaned up enough to allow replanting of new trees, some varieties which you have never enjoyed before.

Trees and shrubs can be safely planted even during April when some spring frosts may make planting of annuals and perennials risky.  At Knechts, we carry over 300 varieties of trees to choose from, and a multitude of great shrubs.

We are open now 7 days a week for your shopping convenience, while allowing plenty of space to practice social distancing.  At Knechts, we have 10 acres of plant heaven over which you can spread out.

If you prefer, you can call in an order for trees, shrubs, perennials and annuals and we will collect these plants and have them ready for you to pick up.  Another option is for you to order and also have us deliver your selections to the side of your driveway.  We are offering some discounts on delivery.  

It’s time for renewal of some parts of your garden, and all of your soul.  Stop in and see us at1601 Hwy 19 West in Northfield, or call us to discuss the kinds of plants that can give your gardens a wonderful and refreshing new look.