A Tree for All Seasons

Dakota Pinnacle Birch

Dakota Pinnacle Birch is a tough, shapely and beautiful tree of modest size that fits well into sunny areas of a landscape that are not large enough for a full sized shade tree.  Sporting a graceful, upright growth habit, Dakota Pinnacle Birch matures to a width of about 15 feet and 30-35 feet tall, and is among the first trees to leaf out each spring.  The leaves change from a fresh light spring green to a deep shining green that stays nice looking until late fall when Dakota Pinnacle Birch is among the last trees to turn a beautiful golden yellow.

Within just a few years, the young Dakota Pinnacle Birch trees develop a visually striking white bark that makes it an eye catching standout in any landscape.  Unlike some columnar trees that have an almost stovepipe shape, Dakota Pinnacle Birch has an upright shape with a full bottom that tapers very nicely to a pointed top.

Dakota Pinnacle Birch trees are also able to tolerate and prosper in both alkaline and acidic soils, which gives this variety great versatility.

Choose a Dakota Pinnacle Birch from either the single stem or clump forms we carry in a variety of sizes and you will enjoy a vigorous and beautiful tree of modest size for years to come.

For  best results, plant Dakota Pinnacle Birch trees in sunny areas with good drainage.  I absolutely love the gorgeous Dakota Pinnacle Birch tree I have at home, and to protect it from birch borers, I take one minute, once a year, to apply a few ounces of a systemic insecticide around the base of the tree.  This is a quick and easy way to protect a wonderful part of my landscape and is very targeted to one plant, and does not involve

the need for a sprayer.