Add Gorgeous Fall Color to your Landscape

Late September and the month of October are excellent times to add vibrant colors to any landscape.  Trees and shrubs at local nurseries will be sequentially coming into their peak fall color over the next few weeks.  Each variety has its own timetable for showing color and you should be able to get a pretty good idea of the colors you will be adding to your landscape.  By visiting a time or two, you will see a wide range of color and after a time, certain trees and shrubs will catch your eye.  When you choose, please yourself and then take other factors into account.

Autumn Blaze Maple

Trees with lovely fall color include hybrid Maples, such as Autumn Blaze, Celebration, Sienna Glen, Firefall and Matador, and Sugar Maples (hard maple)  such as Green Mountain, Fall Fiesta and Apollo.  Don’t forget the Oaks!!   Northern Red Oak, Northern Pin Oak and Crimson Spire.

Tor Birchleaf Spirea

Shrubs – there are so many that display color in the fall!   The first one to come to mind is the Burning Bush or Dwarf Burning Bush.  It’s fire engine red color delights in the fall.  Spireas, chokeberry, some varieties of hydrangea have wonderful fall leaf color, blueberries, and don’t forget the viburnum family.  Not only do the viburnums have stunning leaf color but they also display berries in shades of red and blue.    

It’s been rainy for a couple of weeks – the extended fall forecast into late October is looking great.  After some cold weather this upcoming weekend – it’s looking up from then on for several weeks!