Air Pruning Nursery Pots

Air pruning nursery pots produce trees and shrubs with better root systems.  Here at Knecht’s Nurseries and Landscaping we have been using air pruning pots for several years to avoid producing trees that are root bound.

This simple technology of having dozens of air pruning openings built into the design of a molded plastic nursery pot prevents root circling inside the pot.  The result is a well balanced, properly shaped fibrous root system that prevents trees from becoming root bound. 

When you plant trees and shrubs produced with an almost perfectly formed and vigorous root system, the trees become established very quickly following planting on your property, and as a result are healthier and grow more quickly than trees that have been grown in traditional plastic nursery pots.

Chris Siems of Northfield who has a web blog –  Oak-Watch.blogspot, did a segment on Ron Schara’s Minnesota Bound shown on KARE 11 May 2nd showing the benefit of Oak trees and also discussed the benefits of air pruning nursery pots.   We have over 2000 potted trees available here at the nursery that are produced using these air pruning nursery pots.  Stop in soon to see the difference in this better growing technique.

I have also shared my post here with the Northfield News for their blog section.