Amber Jubilee Ninebark Tree

Amber Jubilee Ninebark Tree

If you’re searching for a small ornamental tree for your landscape, consider the Amber Jubilee Ninebark tree. Sizing up to 5 to 7 feet, it’s a great choice where something showy but compact is the order of the day.

Ninebark is known for its funky peeling bark, and this feature is showcased particularly well in the tree form. As it matures, Amber Jubilee’s beautiful grey bark peels back and reveals red and tan underneath. When you notice the bark, it is hard to take your eyes off of it. Not a bad feature in a landscape tree!

Amber Jubilee’s foliage is spectacular, too. The leaves absolutely glow in tones of orange, yellow, and gold. White blooms appear in spring to start the show and in fall, red, burgundy, and purple engulf the tree- even more colors to enjoy! Amber Jubilee’s colors are most vibrant in full sun, so keep that in mind when choosing a site.

amber jubilee ninebark tree
Amber Jubilee’s spring flowers just beginning. Photo courtesy of Bailey Nurseries

Speaking of sun, this tree performs best with plenty of it. Good light and good airflow around the foliage is the best way to avoid the powdery mildew that ninebark can be prone to in shady locations. Watering at the base of a ninebark tree to keep the foliage dry is another great preventative measure.

As far as care, an occasional pruning to shape and remove dead or damaged branches is fine. A few times a year, check the trunk and base of the tree for basal growth and snip it off with a clean pruners to keep the nice tree form. Maintain even moisture for the first few years to help the tree establish. 

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