Amur Maples

Property owners who want a small to medium sized maple that turns a beautiful red fall color may want to consider using Amur Maples.  Among the first of the maples to turn color each fall, Amur Maples are available as smaller single stem trees, or as multi-stem clumps.

The most commonly available selections are the standard Amur Maple, Flame Amur Maple, Embers Amur Maple and Compact Amur Maple.  Most Amur Maples grow to a mature height of 20 feet or so, while the compact form is size rated at 6′ to 10′ tall.

Amur Maples are often used to frame a property line and provide a privacy buffer, while they also work well as a single specimen focal point where a tree of modest size is desirable.  Plant Amur Maples in moderately to well drained soils, and avoid wet areas.

Stop in soon to check out the Amur Maples.  In just a week or two they will begin to show their brilliant red fall colors.