An Extraordinary Spring demands Extraordinary Measures

The mild winter and extremely early start to the 2012 growing season has been both very enjoyable and extremely challenging at Knecht’s Nurseries.  A very warm February and early March forced us to uncover protected plant materials almost a month early.  More abnormally warm weather throughout March got most trees and shrubs to break dormancy and begin growing – something which has not happened in recent record keeping memory.

During recent cold waves, all our staff members have had to really work hard to bring trees and shrubs with tender new growth into every nook and cranny of our greenhouses, or group, tip and cover plants once again.  The happy result of all this activity is that we have lots of beautiful trees, shrubs and perennials in great condition.  The downside is that we are on our third round of uncovering, organizing, recovering, uncovering, etc.  We are grateful for the extraordinary efforts of our employees.  They are the ones who make it possible for us to provide you with excellent landscape plants and knowledgeable customer service.   We also want to thank our customers who bear with us when we are still organizing – re-organizing, etc.