Annuals – Color All Season

All season color!  Annual flowers remain incredibly popular despite the need to re-plant every spring.  Their nonstop color show lasts from June well into early October, making annuals a can’t miss way of adding generous amounts of eye-popping color to any landscape.

This year, we have upgraded our annuals to include extra large, locally grown annual 4 paks.  As always, be sure to water your newly planted annuals well every day for 10-15 days immediately after planting until they are able to grow some new roots into the surrounding soil.  As the root systems expand, reduce the frequency of your waterings which will then force the roots to grow down producing much stronger, healthier plants. Plants that are watered too frequently, will develop shallow roots and will be much weaker.

Deep digging the planting bed and working timed release fertilzer into the soil prior to planting will help root systems establish more quickly.  An alternate fertilizer program would be to apply Miracle Grow or a similar water soluble fertilizer into your watering water every week to 10 days.   Then – be sure to keep weeding your gardens.  Weeds will rob your plants from water & nutrients.