Apollo Dwarf Sugar Maple

Here’s a great high quality, hardy and showy tree for smaller spaces.  Sugar Maples (hard maple) have long been considered the King of Shade Trees due to beautiful form, strong wood and stunning fall colors, reaching mature sizes of 70 feet tall by 50 feet wide!

Apollo Dwarf Sugar Maple sports handsome deep green leaf color, and a compact upright form maturing to 30 ft. tall by only 10-12 feet wide.  This makes Apollo a good choice for smaller spaces in the landscape while still offering a nice mix of yellow, orange and red fall color.  For best results, plant the Apollo Sugar Maple in moderately drained, uncompacted soils, taking care to avoid waterlogged areas.  Apollo will do well in full sun to partial shade, and can be used as a specimen or focal point, or even for shorter to mid-level screening when several are planted together.

The Apollo Sugar Maple was introduced by the J. Frank Schmidt Nursery in Oregon.  We have carried this tree for the last several years and find it to be a wonderful tree for fall color and smaller spaces.