Apollo Sugar Maple

Apollo Sugar MapleAs each pleasant September day passes, a bit more fall color begins to show, raising my anticipation of the big fall color show soon to come.  Our native sugar maple has long been considered to be the King of Shade Trees, with its lovely rounded form, a brilliant mix of yellow, orange and red fall color, and lots of cooling shade from its wide spreading branches.

For people who would love to have a sugar maple, but don’t have the space for a large shade tree, the Apollo Sugar Maple is an excellent choice.  Apollo Sugar Maple is a compact and hardy version of our native sugar maple that matures to a modest size of about 25′ tall by 10′ wide.  This compact size makes Apollo Sugar Maple a good choice for smaller spaces i the landscape and the very dark green leaves look terrific all summer long.

When autumn arrives, Apollo Sugar Maple follows suit with its larger cousins by taking on a mantel yellow, orange and red hues that are sure to please the eye.  Apollo Sugar Maple is able to handle a variety of soil types, except water logged areas!