Apple Time

P1010066Apple time is upon us.  This year has been a great year for apples.  The fruit is abundant and with the warm September weather – the starches turned to sugar and made for a great crop of apples!  We have several apples trees in a small orchard at home,  and each fall I make the usual apple crisps, pies, and sauces.  I canned applesauce this week and next week – I’ll start my apple pie assembly line!P1010064 I freeze apple pies (raw) and then bake them on cold winter days!

Apple trees are now on sale and it would be a great time to get a couple of trees growing in your yard. There are apples for cooking and baking – others that are better for eating – some have a longer shelf life than others – you have early apples – late season apples – and the list goes on.

Apple trees have incredibly beautiful blossoms in the spring. We always try to spend a little time around our apple orchard in the spring when the trees are blossoms. One of life’s little pleasures!   Even with just two trees – you will get enough apples after a few years to make sauces and pies – or just have plenty for eating.