Fall Perennial Spotlight

Bushy Aster- Wood’s Pink

Aster divaricatus ‘Wood’s Pink’

The asters are in bloom here at Knecht’s, and if you’re looking for beautiful fall color in your perennial garden, look no further than the ‘Wood’s Pink’ Aster. Daisy-like flowers bloom heavily atop delicate foliage from August through October, providing gorgeous color after summer bloomers have faded.

Hardy in zones 3-8,  ‘Wood’s Pink’ looks absolutely charming used in sunny borders and cottage gardens, and is a great addition to pollinator gardens- providing a late season source of food for both bees and butterflies.  They look great grown as annuals in fall containers as well.

This cultivar has a compact, bushy growth habit, so pinching back the foliage is less of a necessity when compared to taller aster varieties. It also boasts mildew resistant foliage and a tolerance for dry soil conditions.

Stop on by to see ‘Wood’s Pink’ and our other stunning varieties of aster. Happy planting!