Astilbe, Heuchera & Hosta

Walking around the yard this week has been such a delight.  The heat and humidity have been just what is needed for the annual planters and baskets.  They have just exploded.  


But then there are the perennials that are shining right now.  The astilbe – they just hang around the beginning of the summer but when their flower stalks blossom – they are beautiful.  They come in a variety of colors – white, off-white, pink, red and purples.  These are a part shade perennial and are so hardy.  


The heucheras are another wonderful shade perennial – grown more for the foliage than the flower stalk.  Another name for heucheras is Coralbells.  These perennials come in many different leaf colors – lime green, green, a shade of orange, and many different shades of purple – from a lighter purple to almost black.  You don’t prune back the heucheras – just a cleanup in the spring!  They need to be mulched in the first season, and need well drained soil.

Hosta Komodo Dragon

Now – both of these perennials are great additions to your hosta gardens.  They provide different colors, contrasts and focal points.  This year, I have had more questions on “What is one of your largest hosta”.  I have many large hosta – but one of the largest and also is a vigorous grower is Hosta Komodo Dragon.   A blue/green hosta – it is huge!  

Try combining your hostas with other shade perennials!