Autumn Brilliance Serviceberry

Photo courtesy of Finke Gardens
Photo courtesy of Finke Gardens

As the years have gone by my appreciation for Autumn Brilliance Serviceberry has steadily grown.  Autumn Brilliance Serviceberry  trees have lovely lacy white blossoms in early spring every year, grow nicely as either a single stem tree or a clump / multi-stem tree, fit well into smaller areas of the landscape, and have a very nice fall color of orange / red.

Maturing to a height of 15 to 20 feet, Autumn Brilliance Serviceberry has interesting branch architecture that shows well where you want a smaller ornamental tree with character.  The smooth grey bark of Autumn brilliance Serviceberry presents a clean appearance, allowing the eye to take in the spreading form of the tree without distraction.

My favorite feature of Autumn Brilliance Serviceberry trees is their abundant fruit that ripens in the Northfield area in mid to late June.  The fruit has a mildly sweet distinctive flavor that is a marriage of apple and berry and is very nice for fresh eating or preserves.

Autumn Brilliance Serviceberry  trees can be used as a single specimen focal point, or as a grouping of several to frame a side yard or rear yard.

Check out Autumn Brilliance Serviceberry trees.  If you adopt one

for your landscape, I think it will become on of your favorites!