Autumn Gold Ginkgo

I took a picture of a double rainbow on my way into the nursery Monday morning. I didn’t think much more about it until I found myself walking up to the Autumn Gold Ginkgo trees. Their unique, fan shaped, bright golden yellow leaves where awesome! Surely, there could have been an Autumn Gold Ginkgo at the end of that rainbow. This is their time to shine! But catching ginkgo at their fall color peek isn’t always easy. They can go from stunning fall beauty to bare branches all in the same day. As the name would suggest, Autumn Gold Ginkgo is spectacular in the fall. But, there are other attributes that make this unique tree a jackpot!

Autumn Gold Ginkgo are tough and versatile trees. They are a male selection. This means there is no need to worry about unpleasant pungent ginkgo fruit. They are hardy zones 3-8, so our Minnesota winters are no problem. Resistance to deer browse and Japanese Beetles, combined with their tolerance of clay soil and air pollution, make them a great choice for new construction, boulevards and even parking lots. They are an average size shade tree reaching a mature height of 40-50′ and 25-30′ width. In winter they add beauty to the landscape with their well balanced and structural habit.  All these features create the perfect storm that is Autumn Gold Ginkgo, a full spectrum of beauty.