Autumn Gold Ginkgo


Autumn Gold’ Ginkgo has the distinctive appearance and outstanding architecture to be a tree that turns heads from its youth through middle age and especially in maturity.  Very pest resistant (including Japanese Beetle), ‘Autumn Gold’ Ginkgo grows quite symmetrically with a strong central leader, and almost horizontal layered branching that becomes more a part of the visual appeal with each passing year.

            Unique fan shape leaves unlike any other tree variety are another appealing aspect of ‘Autumn Gold’ Ginkgo.  These leaves turn a beautiful buttery yellow in fall.  ‘Autumn Gold’ Ginkgo is a male clone that is seedless.  This means that ‘Autumn Gold’ Ginkgo will not produce the messy and foul smelling fruit that can be produced by a female Ginkgo tree. 

            ‘Autumn Gold’ Ginkgo tolerates a wide variety of soil types and difficult urban conditions which makes it more likely to be successful for most property owners.  While it is initially slow growing during its first several years of establishment, ‘Autumn Gold’ Ginkgo can easily grow two feet or more per year, making it a fairly good grower.

            A mature size rating of 50 feet tall by 30+ feet wide make ‘Autumn Gold’ a large shade tree that is likely to become one of your favorites.  Plant ‘Autumn Gold’ Ginkgo in areas with good drainage and enjoy the show as year by year this stately tree adds layer upon layer of beautifully tiered branches.

            For homeowners who want the beauty and versatility of a Ginkgo, but desire a tree that is not as broadly spreading, there are several nice choices available that all have a narrower profile/width.  ‘Princeton Sentry’ Ginkgo is rated at 20-25 feet wide, ‘Magyar’ Ginkgo at 25 feet wide, and ‘Elmwood’ Ginkgo at 10-12 feet wide, and all are male clones that are seedless