Autumn Radiance Red Maple and State Street Miyabi Maple

Autumn Radiance.

Many varieties of red maple have been brought to the market over the years, and are wonderful and colorful shade trees when planted in mildly to strongly acid soils.  Autumn Radiance Red Maple has shown some of the very best fall color displaying an intense reddish/majenta color that can be positively electric-neon in character.

Autumn Radiance Red Maple is a cross of October Glory Red Maple and Red Sunset Red Maple, growing into a nice rounded crown at a fairly good pace, and has the desirable trait of being SEEDLESS.  Autumn Radiance Red Maple forms strong ascending branches, a dense appearance, and displays small red flowers in early spring.  As a medium size shade tree, Autumn Radiance matures to a height of 40-50 feet tall by 35-40 feet wide.

State Street Miyabi Maple

State Street Miyabi Maple may be just the right tree for people who want a smaller shade tree that is good looking, tough and adaptable.  The leaves of State Street Miyabi Maple are a dark green and resist leaf tatter very well.

A well-behaved pyramidal shape distinquishes State Street Miyabi Maple as well as prounouced corky ridges on the bark that add a lot of visual interest.  Literature indicates that State Street Miyabi Maple is able to tolerate heat, drought, salt and pollution.  As a result, State Street Miyabi Maple may be a good choice for a smaller boulevard tree, or where a shade tree is desired that does not grow to huge sizes.  Matures to 30-35 feet tall by 20-25 feet wide.

We have these trees in limited numbers here for sale.  Stop by and take a look at two more members of the Maple family.