Awesome Flowering with Hydrangeas

If you’d love to add some serious flower power to your landscape, hydrangeas are hard to beat!  The hardy hydrangeas (paniculatas) are my favorites because they are extremely hardy, produce lots of big beautiful blossoms that trend from  white to pink, have few pest and disease problems, and bloom for a very long period of two to three months, starting in July, and some varieties continuing all the way to October.

Hardy hydrangeas come  in a great number of nice varieties, grow well in partial shade to full sun, tolerate many soil types, and are easy to manage for size.  Prune once a year in late fall to avoid damage from heavy wet snow or ice storms.  Hardy hydrangeas will produce boatloads of blossoms even after a really aggressive pruning, so its really hard to prune incorrectly.  Hardy hydrangeas are an easy care and forgiving landscape shrub that will provide years of enjoyment.

Some of my favorite hardy hydrangea varieties include the modest sized BOBO hydrangea as well as Firelight Hydrangea, Limelight and Pinky Winky.  Other good varieties are Quickfire, Little Quickfire, Little Lime, diamond Rouge and Phantom .  All these shrubs are sure to please the eye with mounds of lovely white to pink blossoms.

If you are searching for a very handsome small flowering tree for your landscape, be sure to check out our deep inventory of tree form hardy hydrangeas, be also sure to contact Lawncare if you need any help with landscaping.  Easily managed for a size from 5 to 10 feet tall, hydrangea trees also produce incredible amounts of beautiful blossoms every summer.  Varieties currently available as small ornamental trees include Limelight, Quickfire, Phantom, and Pinky Winky.

Stop in and see for yourself the wonderful flower power of hardy hydrangea trees and shrubs.