Baptisia or False Indigo

If you’re wanting a striking perennial that needs minimum care to produce maximum results, take a  look at the False Indigo or Baptisia.  Some also refer to this as “False Lupine”.   A sun to part sun perennial, it will mature to a size of approximately 2′ to 3′ and can  be used as a cut flower.  Place this perennial in the back of your perennial garden.  In late spring or early summer you will have beautiful blooms.  Sequence with summer and fall blooming perennials to have color all season.  

The hummingbirds and butterflies are attracted to the Baptisia.   A prairie plant, Baptisia doesn’t like to be moved, so chose your site carefully.  It will reward you for years to come.  It is almost maintenance free – other than applying a dose of fertilizer once a season, it doesn’t require a lot of other work.  Some gardeners want to remove the seed pods – others will leave them for a contrast in the garden.  Once established, it is quite drought tolerant.