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Best Shrubs for Fall Color

best shrubs for fall color

Fall is here and you know what that means- it’s time to talk about the best shrubs for fall color. We have so many favorites, but these three are absolute standouts this year!

Fall Color Shrubs We Love 

Strobe Weigela Green leaves are kissed with bronze throughout the summer and take on a deeper bronze to crimson color as the weather cools down. Tubular pink flowers adorn the plant throughout the season and are attractive to hummingbirds. Because of its smaller size and mounded habit, Strobe Weigela is an excellent choice for limited space. Pruning isn’t really necessary on this shrub, so gardeners can sit back and enjoy the color without the work!

fall color shrubs
Strobe Weigela with Candy Corn Spirea

Little Quick Fire Hydrangea This compact hydrangea is easy to find room for! The handsome rounded form is covered in  flowers earlier than other hydrangea varieties and boasts amazing fall color. As the season wears on, Little Quick Fire’s leaves turn a bronze-crimson color that is decidedly showy in the fall garden. The fall color combined with the dried flowers create long-lasting interest in the landscape.

best shrubs for fall color
Little Quick Fire Hydrangea and Red Lightning Heuchera

Sugar Shack Buttonbush Buttonbush is perfect for gardeners that want something different.  This native, moisture loving shrub is underused but doesn’t under deliver. Handsome, open form and unique fuzzy flowers that look like buttons make this plant a standout in summer. In fall, Sugar Shack takes on a reddish hue that fires up to bright orange. Buttonbush is an outstanding choice for fall color and even better because of it’s multi-season interest. Excellent for wet areas!

best fall color shrubs
Sugar Shack Buttonbush

More stunning fall color shrubs include Kodiak Orange dwarf bush honeysuckle, many viburnums, spirea, and chokeberries. Who doesn’t like choices?