Best Time to Seed Grass

Mid August to early September is the best time of the year to seed grass.  Whether you are over seeding thin areas, seeding smaller bare spots, or seeding a large area, right now is a great time.

One key to success in preparation.  Eliminate weeds in the area, rough up the top inch or more of soil with a claw, hoe or stiff tined garden rake.  Grass seed will germinate much better and faster when it is gently worked into the top 1/2″ of crumbly soil.  Grass seed lying on the top of bare soil germinates poorly, and the same is true if grass seed ends up deeper than 1/2″ deep.  Excellent germination is usually the result when the seed is mixed into the top 1/8″ to 1/2″ of soil.

Another key is to keep the seeded are moist.  I recommend a light watering early to mid-morning, and a second light watering mid to late afternoon.  If you can keep the seeded area consistently moist for 10 days, you will most likely have a wonderful stand of grass.

On slopes the addition of an erosion control blanket may be wise to prevent erosion resulting in gullies that require more soil mix and seed.