Big Tooth Aspen – An Undiscovered Gem

Almost everyone is familiar with the beautiful yellow fall foliage of Quaking Aspen, one of our widely distributed native trees.  Far fewer people realize that our native Big Tooth Aspen grows side by side with Quaking Aspen, and is capable of producing even more stunning fall color in shades of yellow, gold, apricot, orange and red.

Like Quaking Aspen, the leaves of Big Tooth Aspen flutter in the slightest breezes, producing a much loved whispering sound.  Big Tooth Aspen grows quickly, forming dense stands that wind in flowing ribbons between stands of Spruce, Pine, Fir and Cedar in the northern Minnesota forests, and mixed with Oak, Maple and other hardwoods in central and southern Minnesota.  Often mistaken for Quaking Aspen, the edges of Big Tooth leaves are usually slightly larger, and have 14 to 16 fairly large pointed “teeth” of 1/8″ to 1/4″ around the outer margin, while Quaking Aspen leaves appear almost smooth on the edges.

You may want to include Big Tooth Aspen in an area to be naturalized, or to create a grove, cluster or clump, and add glowing gold, apricot, orange and reds to the pallet of fall colors on your property.  Big Tooth Aspen grow in a wide variety of soils types and up to 40′ to 60′ tall.

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