P1010005Now is the time to purchase and plant your Bittersweet plants.  The native (common) Bittersweet (Celastrus scandens)  is one of the plants that you need at least two of – a male and a female.  You can easily tell at this time of year which plant you have since the female plant sports the berries and the male plant will be just lush green foliage.   The common Bittersweet is not the invasive Japanese variety that is talked about. 

Bittersweet is a vine and is best grown along a fence, lattice work or larger trellis.  It grows quickly and will fill in a space that you want to have a little privacy or to hide what’s under a deck, etc.   The twigs of berries are sought after for fall decorating and arrangements.

A new variety of Bittersweet to hit the market is the Autumn Revolution Bittersweet™.    A brand new selection of the native American Bittersweet, but unlike the species, only one plant is needed to produce the fruit!  The majority of the flowers on the plant are “perfect” flowers – meaning that they are both male and female.  The fruit is large – about twice as large as the native plant’s fruit.  Keeping it’s bright colors – it is perfect for arrangements for the fall!  Another added bonus – very hardy – hardy to Zone 3!

We have a great selection of both plants – the native Bittersweet and the Autumn Revolution.  Stop in and start your own planting of Bittersweet!