Bloomerang Lilac

Bloomerang Dwarf Lilac is creating a stir in the gardening world.  Like it’s close cousins the dwarf lilac category, Bloomerang Lilac displays nice fine textured foliage, fragrant lilac blossoms, and most notable of all, blooms more than once during the growing season!

With a compact and mounded shape, Bloomerang Lilac fits well as a foundation plant, small hedge or an accent to larger shrubs/small trees/perennials.  A vigorous spring bloom is followed by a “rest” period in the heart of summer, and more blossoming in late summer and through fall right to the first heavy frost.

Bloomerang Lilac prefers 1/2 day to full day sun, properly drained soils, and can even prosper in alkaline soils.  As with all other lilacs, avoid water logged soils and heavy shade.  With its wonderful re-blooming characteristics, Bloomerang Dwarf Lilac will please for years to come.  Mature size is rated at 4′-5′ tall by 5′-6′ wide compared to 10′-15′ tall and wide for standard lilacs.

Photo courtesy of Bailey Nurseries.