Blossoming Fruit Trees

Plum TreeDespite an amazingly cold spring, fruit trees in the Northfield are are starting to put on their fabulous displays of spring flowers.  Already some of the plum trees are opening their very fragrant and numerous white blossoms.  A good patch of cultivated or wild plums can make an entire neighborhood smell deliciously sweet.

Here at our garden center, the very first blossoms are opening on tart cherries, plums, pears and apples.  By this weekend, several dozens trees should be in full flower.  We currently have in stock and ready to plant over 44 different varieties of fruit tees.  We even hae two very narrow varieties of apple trees that only grow to two or three feet wide, so that you can grow your own apples in some very small spaces.

I love fruit trees because they treat us to a wonderful display of heavy blossoms in the spring, and delicious fresh fruit, preserves and pies all through the fall and winter.

There is a special opportunity right now on about 35-40 apple trees that we have at 50% off.  Stop in and enjoy the show!Apple Blossoms