Bubbling Boulders

IMG_2418Bubbling boulders are a fantastic way to have a water feature in your yard with lower maintenance and still have  the sound of moving water.  Lynn Vincent of Northfield has been a customer for many years.  We have created a private backyard for her, a flagstone walkway and now have added this bubbling boulder.  She can sit on her front porch and enjoy a cup of coffee in the morning and just relax to the sound of the water gently cascading over the boulder which resembles a waterfall.  No two  boulders are the same, so you are guaranteed to have something unique!

Lynn’s gardens – a National Wildlife certified garden – will be one of the featured gardens this weekend on the Northfield Garden Club’s annual Garden Tour!  The tour features six homes – both in town and rural!   Each garden will also host an artist.   Emily Haskell will be the artist in Lynn’s garden.