Butterfly Gardening

Rudbeckia Goldsturm

Today, as I was walking through our perennial sales deck – you almost had to duck for cover from all of the butterflies flying around!   What fun!

Butterfly Gardening

The monarchs, swallow tails and the red painted lady butterflies were everywhere.   Gardening with butterflies in mind presents endless possibilities for different plants with all different sizes and colors.  Pictured here are just a few of the many choices available.  Butterfly gardening is more than just the plants.  Butterflies like shelter – water – and places to sun themselves.  Check out our Butterfly Gardening page under our Plants Tab.


g ‘Lord Baltimore’ Hibiscus

Goldsturm Rudbeckia ranks right up to the top in my favorite perennials.  It has just started blossoming and will continue to blossom right up until frost.  It will self seed and fills out a perennial bed beautifully.  Preferring full sun – however – we have two different areas (in our gardens – in half day or more shade) and they are amazing.

Hibiscus – that’s your tall perennial either in the middle of a circle bed or in the rear of the garden.   Perennial Hibiscus are one of the last perennials to appear in the spring.  Typically, they won’t wake up until the end of May.  Be sure to apply a layer of mulch around the crown after we have an inch or two of frost in November.

The Garden Phlox – beautiful plants – in such an assortment of colors.   These plants also want full sun.   These are more of a medium sized perennial – 24″ on the average.

‘Cotton Candy’ Garden Phlox