Captivating Cupressina Norway Spruce

“Cupressina” Norway Spruce is an eye-catching columnar evergreen with excellent density, rapid growth, good color and a slightly softer look than some other columnar spruce and pine.  If you have been looking for an upright specialty evergreen that will draw attention from a distance and can be used as either a single specimen focal point, or in a creative grouping, or as a background and/or screen when massed together, “Cupressina” Norway Spruce may be worth a look.

One thing that has impressed me about “Cupressina” Norway Spruce is the very dense growth habit, coupled with fairly rapid growth.  Once established, “Cupressina” Norway Spruce will increase in height about 1 1/2 foot per year, and still maintain good density.

Wise site selection is important for success with “Cupresssina” Norway Spruce, since it may winterburn if planted in wide open areas where bright and undiluted sunlight can reflect off snow cover for months at a time.  A perfect location for “Cupressina” has good drainage, and winter shade when light angles are low, and summer sun when light angles are high.  The winter shade from the southern sun can be from a building, or a stand of trees , even trees that have lost their leaves.  The light shade of bare branches is usually enough to prevent winterburn on sensitve varieties such as “Cupressina”.

Just this week we received a shipment of incredibly nice “Cupressina” Norway Spruce in #20 pots that stand about 8 feet tall!  If you stop for a look, you will find them right by our office!  Mature size – in approximately 20 years –  is estimated at 30′-40′ tall by 6′-8′ wide.