Cardinal Red Twig Dogwood

Cardinal Redtwig Dogwood
Cardinal Redtwig Dogwood

By late winter, most of us are longing for green grass, spring flowers and the return of color to the landscape.  Despite the pounding of a tough winter, one of my all time favorite plants for adding excellent color to the landscape is in its glory in the waning weeks of winter.

Cardinal Red Twig Dogwoods absolutely shine in late winter.  The neon red / orange stems of Cardinal Red Twig Dogwood provide an intense splash of color, especially when contrasted against pure white snow banks.  In our photo, we have Cardinal Red Twig Dogwood planted in the back and in front, is a dwarf variety of the standard Red Twigged Dogwood, Arctic Fire.

Plant a mass of Cardinal Red Twig Dogwood in a generous sized area with full sun for the best effect.  As the sun intensity increases in late February and the month of March, the color pop of the stems also increases.



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