Cardinal Redtwig Dogwood

Cardinal Redtwig Dogwood has long been my favorite variety of red twig dogwood because of it’s vigorous growth,  ability to grow in a wide variety of soil  types,  and its electric orange/red winter twig color.  While most red twig dogwood varieties have a nice burgundy with a tinge of  red winter stem  color, Cardinal Red Twig Dogwood bark changes from a green summer color to  an intensely bright,  almost flourescent red.  This creates an amazing color treat on sunny winter days when a massed planting  of Cardinal Red Twig Dogwood produces a stunning contrast with a fresh  snowfall.

Cardinal Red Twig Dogwood grows to  8′-10′ tall and is  a selection made by the plant research program of the University of Minnesota.  Hardy to  frigid zone 3, Cardinal’s green leaves turn to a pleasing purple-red in fall.  When the leaves drop they reveal the twigs which  have turned from summer green to  flaming scarlet.  Cardinal Red Twig dogwood is also very versatile with  a demonstrated ability to  grow in soils from poorly draineed to well drained upland soils.

Plant some Cardinal Red Twig Dogwood now, enjoy it now and wait for the magic to start this fall!