Common Chokecherry Tree

Spring is the time of year when many of us think about planting fruit trees, and unfortunately, the Common Chokecherry tree often gets overlooked.  If you like to make jams and jellies, it would be a good tree to consider planting.

Chokecherry trees are a southern Minnesota native that produces small tart fruits relished by birds, and have long been prized for the outstanding jam that can be made from this little sour fruit.  A common practice when making chokecherry jam is to mix the juice from the chokecherries with juice from the old fashion Dolgo Crab to get the chokecherry jam to jell properly.

Plant chokecherry trees as stand alone trees, or mix them with other natives like wild plum, black cherry and Shadblow Serviceberry to create thickets / borders / privacy screens / wind screen that will become a haven for wildlife of all kinds.

Mature size is rated at 15-25 feet wide by 25 feet tall.  Avoid soggy soils.