Creative Evergreens

Every once in a while, you need to step outside the box when considering landscape plants.  At the end of February, we toured several of our nursery suppliers on the west coast and were awe struck at the Iseli Nursery in Boring, Oregon.  We just received our shipment of creative evergreens this week and they are definitely amazing. 

Whether you are thinking tall and skinny evergreens, contorted shapes, shorter, slower growing, whatever – we now have the evergreens needed for that special spot. Definite conversation starters for sure!

To the top left, you’ll see the ‘Uncle Fogy’ Contorted Jack Pine!  Wildly, undulating, pendulous branches give unique character to every plant of this distinctive form of Jack Pine.  The plants bend and swoop to create a curvy, living sculpture.  This is definitely a collector’s plant!

One that is absolutely beautiful (and a little more traditional) is the ‘Cupressina’ Norway Spruce.  This is an upright narrow form that makes it a must have for urban lots where size is a definite consideration.  (see previous blog)

Perhaps one of the most impressive plants that we saw in the massive display beds at Iseli was the Weeping Norway Spruce – pictured here on the right.  We saw a mature plant that reached nearly 30 feet in height and was perfect in every way.  Incredible.  The dark green, Weeping Norway Spruce is trained into an outstanding upright specimen or can even be trained to become a undulating groundcover. 

These are just a few examples of what we have for “Creative Evergreens”.   Quantities are limited in these varieties so if this is something that gets your imagination going – don’t delay in stopping in and “stepping outside the box”.