Creeping Woodland Phlox

p1010030Leif and I live in the woods and with that in mind – we love shade gardening.  Woodland Creeping Phlox is a wonderful spring blossoming perennial.    The variety pictured to the right is Sherwood Purple.  The foliage is a vibrant green and it is low to the ground and “creeps” out.  The blossoms will reach a height of 6″-8″.  Once the blossoms are spent, you simply cut them off, leaving the mat of green as a groundcover for the rest of the season.

Woodland Phlox is a dependable performer for the edge of shade garden.  Blooming in the spring it performs its show while the other plants are emerging behind it.  After the blossoms fade, the other plants are ready to take over. 

p10102041We have a large cluster of creeping phlox along our front sidewalk.  The snow shoveling in the winter and the pets walking over it doesn’t seem to bother it.  The picture shows it  in the spring.  The hosta to the right haven’t emerged yet.  In amongst the boulders, it is the perfect plant.