Crimson Sunset Maple

Crimson Sunset Maple (Acer truncatum x Acer platanoides PP21838) is a nice edition to the maple varieties that have colorful reddish/burgundy leaves.  Intitial field trials at North Dakota State University have been encouraging which is especially good news since Crimson Sunset Maple has so many fine qualities that make it attractive for use in urband landscapes.

Crimson Sunset Maple not only displays excellent reddish/burgundy leaf color, but it has a lovely almost star shaped leaf that adds a very nice texture to its appearance.  A modest mature size of 35′ tall by 25′ wide makes Crimson Sunset Maple an excellent choice where space is limited and a large shade tree might be too overhwelming.

Crimson Sunset Maple is a hybrid of the versatile Norway Maple, and the handsome Truncatum Maple.  This combination results in a tough tree that is pleasing to the eye.  For a nice addition of great color and beautiful form to your landscape, you may want to consider Crimson Sunset Maple.

For best results, plant in soil that drains properly, and where there is plenty of sunlight.  As with most maples, it is a good idea to put a white tree trunk protector on the tree in the fall and winter during its first 4-6 years in your landscape.   (Photo courtesy of J.Frank Schmidt & Son Nursery)