‘Cupressina’ Norway Spruce

'Cupressina' Norway Spruce by Oregon Pride Nurseries

Tall, lean and handsome aptly describes a beautiful variety of Norway Spruce I saw recently.  Dense and upright, ‘Cupressina’ Norway Spruce sports the beautiful deep green disease resistant foliage of Norway Spruce while offering a great choice for smaller spaces.

Useful as an attractive specimen or focal point evergreen, ‘Cupressina’ Norway Spruce could also be used as a screening plant where a wide spreading plant would be too large.  ‘Cupressina’ looks interesting and attractive even when it is fairly small, so you won’t have to wait forever to enjoy this conifer.

Winter color is excellent, holding a true green throughout the long dormant season.  ‘Cupressina’ might be a ncie choice for somwehere in your landscape that calls for a beautiful evergreen that is hardy and won’t overhwhelm modest sized spaces.

This beautiful tree is a fairly fast grower, reaching 20′-30′ tall with only a 6′-10′ spread.  Hardy to Zone 3 makes it a top choice for Minnesota homeowners.  We’ll have a limited amount of these trees this spring.  Reserve one for your yard!