Dakota Pinnacle Birch

If you are looking for a tree that has moderate size, a handsome Dakota Pinnacle Birchshape, beautiful bark, leafs out early, holds leaves until late fall, has buttery yellow fall color, is disease resistant, can grow in a wide variety of soils and is very cold hardy, Dakota Pinnacle Birch might be the tree for you!

With a narrowly pyramidal shape and growing to a width of about fifteen feet, Dakota Pinnacle Birch tapers gently from bottom to top, creating a graceful profile.  Leaves are a shining dark green and are fairly resistant to the Japanese Beetles.  I rarely see blemishes on the leaves of Dakota Pinnacle Birch which are among the first to leaf out in the spring, and just about the last to turn color in the late fall, which extends the fall color season at a time when the rest of the landscape is turning grey and brown.

Dakota Pinnacle Birch grows quickly from a small tree to a stately specimen tree that really catches the eye with its beautiful white bark, and narrow form.

Single stem Dakota Pinnacle Birches make a great focal point in the landscape, and multi-stem clumps of Dakota Pinnacle are simply stunning.  Plant Dakota Pinnacle Birch in just about any soil except soggy, poorly drained spots, and avoid excessively shady locations.

Dakota Pinnacle Birch can easily tolerate heat, bitter cold, and nasty winter winds, but does not like areas that get hit by salt spray kicked up by high-speed traffic on major roads.  Mature height is about 40 feet, making Dakota Pinnacle Birch smaller than many shade trees that reach to 80 feet tall.

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