PJM Rhododendron

Delightful Spring Shrubs

A well-planned garden has many seasons of interest, and now is the perfect time to assess the spring appeal of your landscape. Take a moment to look around your garden. Is it drab in late April and early May? Does it lack structure and texture? It sounds like you need some delightful spring shrubs!

Rhododendron and Azalea These spring bloomers are incredible. Rhododendrons boast evergreen foliage that hangs around throughout the winter and is topped by an amazing spring show. Azaleas put on the same amazing flower show but are deciduous. Rich, acidic soil in part sun makes these spring shrubs happy for years to come and blooms come in an array of pinks, oranges, and reds.

Rosy Lights Azalea

Lilacs Lilacs are a spring shrub that don’t need an introduction. Gorgeous, fragrant, and reliable lilacs are a superb choice for spring blooms and early emergence. Smaller varieties like Prairie Petite can tuck into mixed plantings and larger varieties like Beauty of Moscow or Ludwig Spaeth make good hedges and screens. Medium sized Bloomerang Dark Purple is even a rebloomer!  

Lilac pruning
Sensation Lilac does not need to be pruned in fall.

Spirea  Oranges, reds, and yellows pop out in a lively spring display on many Spirea. Double Play Big Bang has vibrant early color and maintains bright foliage throughout the season. Double Play Doozie emerges with brilliant red foliage that turns to green and is topped with loads of magenta blooms throughout the summer. Spirea are excellent for sun and partial shade, and they do best in well-drained areas.

Goldmound Spirea

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